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Code for Pittsburgh, Meet Up group

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Interesting events. They are doing a fish-fry database update check soon.


It's a fishy time of year again! Join Code for Pittsburgh to help update our (locally) famous fish fry map, a searchable, filterable map to help Pittsburghers find the perfect fish fry this Lent.

Updating the map requires no coding experience. You'll get a list of fish fries to check, and you'll search online to verify their hours, location, and whether they offer pierogies or beer. For your efforts, you'll be rewarded with free food, fish-themed music, and a leaderboard for the most updates so you can compete with your friends!

Bring your laptop and join us at the Code & Supply community center.

The in-progress map is available at https://codeforpittsburgh.github.io/fishfrymap/ and you can find the Fish Fry Map on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PittsburghLentenFishFryMap.

a few months ago

Insights into how to use the mask feature with Caldera Forms

Figured it out!

After a day of testing and struggling, I figured out how to use the mask feature with our swimming entry times.

The keys include putting the times in as a HTML Type as Text and not a Number. When using a number the point fails and the tenths can't be accepted. I figure HTML Type Number is only WHOLE numbers and not fractions of seconds.

The second key is to allow the brackets, curly brackets and wild-card star, (generally found on the computer keyboard above the number 8) to work in the field with the check-mark on. The head scratching was over. No pipes. I tried them all, it seems.


This works

Desired output in the test set from Shady Side Academy

What not to do too.

As I was scratching my head, I built a sloppy form. I call these test pages and forms, sandboxes. You can surf over there and see what I was toying with along the pathway.