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Fun football entrances.

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Article about summers in Pittsburgh and Summer Dreamers

Source article: Tasayco in afterschool, Cities - General, Education, equity, General, Youth on December 18, 2019What began as a project of five cities in 2011 to research whether summer

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Line-Up of Nagano’s Sport-Specific Discussion Groups, old, part of

Line-Up of Nagano’s Sport-Specific Discussion Groups   Winter Sports: Biathlon Bobsled Cross Country Skiing Nordiac Combination Ski Curling Figure Skating Freestyle Skiing

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Standing in the flow.

Understanding of SportSurf.Net begins with a true awareness of sports: Sports are games of space, time and relationship. "Is it really possible

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Proving Ground, a software effort from

The Unofficial Proving Ground, news blurb example The Proving Ground was a sub-section for the SportSurf.Net site. Open for peeks: Input Form for

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Runaround Sue

Promotions with advertising that was headed to SportSurf.Net.

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Peter’s How G makes G (from 1997)

How God Makes GodA toolbox for understanding emotions and the creation of wealthby Peter SmallA CD-ROM for the Mac (PC version scheduled

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Marketing Pittsburgh, a blast from the past

'Marketing the region': a theory not practicedEfforts to give the Pittsburgh region a spiffy national image, says Mark DeSantis, remain incoherent and

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Passion Park! We all want to live here. Be proud of your accomplishments!

Be Very Proud of AccomplishmentsWe all get intense feelings of pride when we, or our children who've we nurtured, excel at something

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North vs. South, in terms of Pittsburgh’s legacy

Pittsburgh's History of Hard WorkCouncilman Sala Udin's illustrated a snapshot of history with his introduction of the Pittsburgh Works legislation on March

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Strengths of Pittsburgh

Major Themes Throughout This City and HomePhilosophyTo change directions without a change of philosophy(ies) is to take a zig-zag drive in the

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Page [tcb_pagination_current_page] of [tcb_pagination_total_pages] presents a suite of websites, since 2002, from Mark Rauterkus, a swim, SKWIMwater polo, T&F and Triathlon coach, of Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

Join in and play well with others. Surf these insights and ideas from an experienced, opinionated, retired publisher and coach who has developed more than 100 titles (mostly books) for cutting-edge sports participants.

Mark Rauterkus, broadcaster at the WPIAL Swim Championship Meet

Mark Rauterkus, broadcaster at the WPIAL Swim Championship Meets.