“It is one thing to be able to use technology. It is another to be a master of technology. Learn. Program. Code. Envision. Design. Develop. Implement. Share. Scale. Support. Repeat.”


A place for learning, talking and thinking about code and other tech projects
for swimming, sports and community, especially in open source ways.

Internet in the way of life goals

Pathway with various digital badges


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Details of the duties to earn the badgets are yet to be documented. They've been crafted in the past, but we'll re-address this issue in 2020.


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Authors -- well -- I'm more willing to peg these as stewards. Different tech leaders within the community can be the one's to bestow the specific digital badge for the participants.


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Part of the process could be a set of tests -- or quizzes. If you know the answers, then move along the pathway. Might want to begin at a higher level.


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Some extra effort is going to be required to get to the upper layers of these badges. 


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Not saying this is impossible, but it will take a display of outcomes. We'll want to see you're projects working on mobile devices and desktops computers. 

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Your help is welcome in the implementation of the overall endeavor and the supervision and mentoring of the youthful participants this summer. 

April 26, 2020

A bunch of great things are happening with GitHub. A couple of outages too.https://qz.com/1811018/chinese-citizens-use-github-to-save-coronavirus-memories/https://www.xda-developers.com/github-free-core-features-all-users-freemium-adds-new-features-android-app/https://wptavern.com/github-opens-free-plan-to-unlimited-collaborators-on-private-repositories ...

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